BIM (Building Information Modeling) today is considered as the key enabler of project production, cooperation and coordination for different disciplines in the design, construction and FM processes of a building. It is aimed to prevent errors that may arise during the design and construction stages, to support efficient design decisions at the early stages of design and to represent the most up-to-date status of the project for all project stakeholders. BIM is an information and process management strategy that enables users to co-work with an information-rich digital building model regardless of time and place, to effectively monitor the construction works at the site; thus it is considered as one of the most important elements of the project management.

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7 Hafta
60 Saat Salı/Perşembe 18:30-21:30 Cumartesi 10:00-13:00
Konum: Online
Eğitim Tarihi: 30 Mayıs 2024
Kurs Ücreti: 650 EUR
Eğitmen: Prof. Dr. Ümit IŞIKDAĞ
Prof. Dr. Ümit IŞIKDAĞ

Prof. Dr. Ümit IŞIKDAĞ

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